GB Contractor Inc. Can Handle all Storm Damage Repairs to Your Home

Hail damage

Hail Damage is oftentimes very difficult to see from the ground. GB Contractor, Inc. representatives are all trained to inspect a home for hail damage on roofs, gutters, fences, windows, and siding. Countless times our representatives find damages that are missed by both homeowners and insurance adjusters.


Signs of hail damage

Although difficult to see from the ground, there are definitely some tell-tale signs a homeowner can look for as hail damage. We have found damage to roofs from hail as small as pea sized and damage to roofs on the other end of the spectrum from hail the size of softballs. The first signs a homeowner can look for when looking at damages is an abnormal amount of granulation loss around valley pour areas, gutter downspouts, and in gutters. Although some granulation loss is normal on roofs, hail causes this problem to accelerate. Hail, in most instances, does not cause roofs to leak immediately (unless it is golf ball size or bigger). Instead hail causes your roof to age at an accelerated rate. Hail also voids most manufacturers shingle warranties, leaving homeowners vulnerable to future financial losses


What do I do after a Hail Storm?

Since hail damage is very difficult to gauge from the ground, we recommend calling a reputable Columbus Roofing company like GB Contractor, to come out and inspect your home after a hail storm. We offer this service to homeowners free following a storm. Our inspectors will inspect your roof much like an insurance adjuster and let you know if in our opinion your roof warrants contacting your insurance company to file a claim.


Wind Damage

Wind damage may not always be visible from the ground. Oftentimes, what appears to the homeowner from the ground as minor damage such as one or two shingles missing, compounds into total roof damage down the road? It is very important to have a qualified roofing professional inspect your home after any major windstorm to assess damage.


Signs of Wind Damage

Wind damage ranges from missing shingles which can be seen from the ground to lifted shingles with broken glue seals. Asphalt shingles adhere to one another utilizing a strip of adhesive called a glue strip or sealant strip. When High winds break this seal, debris and dirt are blown into this glue area. This is like taking a piece of tape, running it along the floor, then turning around and trying to stick it to the wall, only having it fall back to the ground. These shingles will often not re-seal.


What to do After a Wind Storm

After a wind storm, it is important to have a qualified roofing contractor perform a thorough roof inspection to determine the amount of damage caused to your residence. If the damage is severe and numerous interior leaks have resulted due to missing or loose shingles, it is important to mitigate interior damages and have your home protected with a temporary cover-up. GB Contractor Inc. offers emergency tarping and cover up services and can also inspect the entire roof for latent damage at the same time. Feel free to give us a call and schedule your wind damage inspection appointment.