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    If you have been looking for Siding Replacement Contractors in Columbus Ohio, then you’re in the right place, at the right time. There is no doubt that the outside of a house is just as important as the inside. What counts, ultimately, is really the thing that you see when you arrive home, and it also conveys a lot about your family, guests, friends and neighbors.

    Your house’s exterior begins with your siding.

    Thinking of giving your house a new look? Want to do Siding Replacement? Here’s what it is, why you should change it, and more.

    Siding Replacement

    Whether it is the need for a new look, or it is the damage and deterioration of existing siding, changing siding and siding replacement may be needed, for sure. Exterior siding is exposed to almost all sorts of damaging agents.


    Here are some of the ways sidings are damaged:

    • Damaging rays of the sun
    • Water damage
    • Physical impact damage
    • Wind damage
    • Dust damage (scraping effect)

    Over the years, your house’s siding can feel and look completely worn down, damaged and unappealing.

    Siding Replacement & Siding Repair

    Should you repair your siding or should you go for siding replacement? If you have one side of the siding in need of some patch work due to damage from a car bump, small fire or just generally environmental damage, then replacing that side may be a viable option. However, for the most part, this is not as easy as it may sound.

    It’ll be cheaper, faster and more reliable to get the whole siding changed. This is because it is extremely difficult to match the existing siding because of ware and tare from years of slow and steady grinding down.

    If you have any damage on your sidings because of fire, and it’s not causing any leaks / water damage, you should wait until you can replace all sidings of your home.

    • Vinyl
    • Composite board
    • Fiber Cement siding
    • Hardie Plank
    • Real wood

    Each of these materials has a different cost, and can run from $8 a square foot up to $20 a square foot including the labor cost (and the material choice).

    Siding Decoration

    If you want some sort of decorations on your house’ sidings, then there are a lot of options available for that. Those include:

    • Shake-style Shingles
    • Decorative Columns
    • Scallops
    • Fake Stones
    • Belly Bands

    Siding replacement is the option to go for, especially if you feel that your old sidings are either worn out or look unattractive. It’s also another way to drive your house market value up.

    Siding Installation

    Want to get your sidings installed? We’re the company that is perfect for the job. With years of experience working with our customers and on their houses in Columbus OH area, we know exactly what our customers need, how they need them and what materials to use in the process.

    For the most part, we on our quality workmen, their experience and their training.

    Siding installation isn’t just about putting the materials in the right place in the right order, it’s about having experience with the used material, creating tight bonds, making sure that the job creates a durable, well-held siding; this is important especially considering the fact that decorations on top can cause a host of issues if done by amateurs.

    • Quality siding installation(with the James Hardie siding Guarantee) that is on-par with customer requirement/demand.
    • High-quality material with high-quality installation method.
    • Trained staff and professionals with years of experience / training.
    • Soffits & Fascia installation.

    Free Siding Consultation & Quote

    Contact us for a free consultation and evaluation about siding installation for your home. We are looking forward to assist you with your Houston TX siding installation needs.



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    For over two decades  GB Contractors Roofing Columbus has been proudly serving the roofing, concrete, general construction, and power washing needs of Columbus Ohio residents and business owners. We meet our customers’ needs providing them with repairs and new construction. Get in touch with us today in order to get your free consultation set up. We promise you work that is quality and that’s safe and effective. Our skilled Columbus roofers and general contractors are highly educated in today’s roofing and concrete needs. GB Contractors Roofing Columbus offers the highest quality of materials and the best workmanship in order to meet your roofing and concrete needs. There’s no reason to look elsewhere when we can do it all and do it right.

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    Roofing Contractors Columubus Roof Installation in Central OhioWhen it comes to roofing, no one beats our Columbus roofers. Our expert roofers can take your old roof and replace it quickly and safely. We also take care of thorough and extensive clean up once the job is completed, so you won’t have to worry about roofing nails in the yard or debris. We leave your space looking as good as when we arrived, if not better. Professional installations can make all the difference between loving the work that gets done or just being able to live with it. If you are having new construction done or need your existing roof updated, give us a call today in order to get a roofing system on your home or business that provides you with superior longevity and performance. Call now to get started.READ MORE

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    Roofing Contractors Columbus You should regularly schedule a roofing inspection because it helps to cut down on major and minor roof repairs. Your roof should be long lasting and help to keep the look of your home beautiful. This is why it’s important to have roof inspections done. We offer roof inspectors who are more than qualified to survey your roof. After we assess your roof, we can provide you with a written document with all the findings in order to go to the next step. From there we can provide you with repair or replacement options.READ MORE

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    Concrete Contractor in ColumbusConcrete is durable and able to withstand the heavy traffic of vehicles and stress that’s put on it daily. We use the best materials in order to provide you with a great looking driveway, sidewalk, patio, deck, and more. Our goal is to keep the customer satisfied. We’re not just a roofing company. We offer highly skilled concrete experts who can make your home or business look good in no time at all. If it’s just concrete repairs your need, we can do that too. We’ll restore the natural look of your structure while working with you.READ MORE

    Spectacular Concrete Walkways

    Concrete Driveway & Sidewalk Contractor in Columbus Concrete walkways are best for schools, churches, and other commercial as well as residential properties in order to keep visitors and faculty safe. GB Contractors Roofing Columbus specializes in concrete work and can bring beauty to the home or your commercial property.Concrete walkways can withstand the daily foot traffic and stress that weather adds to it, as long as they are constructed properly. You’ll be provided with expert concrete walkway construction that will help to keep it longer lasting while getting years of use out of it without all the expensive maintenance.READ MORE

    Masonry & Brick Work

    City of Columbus OH GB Contractor Roof & SidingGB Contractors Roofing Columbus also provides masonry services throughout Central Ohio. Brick has always been and always will be a popular building material. It’s affordable, durable and offers a classic look to your Ohio property. Our masonry contractors are true professionals offering brick work construction and repair services. When you hire GB Contractors Roofing Columbus for your masonry construction, you can rest assure that you will get the finest service available.READ MORE

    Brick Grinding & Pointing Specialists

    Brick Pointing on NYC homeOver time your brick work will lose its appeal. Bricks tend to deteriorate over time causing the look of them to be less than appealing to your customers and neighbors.GB Contractors Roofing Columbus offers New York brick grinding & pointing. This is a more affordable method as it restores your brick wall or structures without the need to replace. We’re experts in brick work and want to pass along our expertise to you. Call today to have one of our general contractors survey your brick damage.

    Residential & Commercial Waterproofing

    We all want that peace of mind as home and business owners but sometimes that seems so remote as we go day to day dealing with unforeseen problems. This is why GB Contractors Roofing Columbus offers basement, roofing, and foundation waterproofing. We want to help keep you comfortable and your valuables protected. We use various methods of waterproofing in order to meet your specific needs all while keeping your home and business dry and providing you with peace of mind once again.READ MORE

    General Construction for Homes and Commercial Structures

    Siding Repair ColumbusWhy hire more than one contractor when it comes to getting your roofing and construction work done? The good news is that we are more than just the top choice for a Columbus roofing contractor. We provide you with a contractor that can take care of all your general construction needs. We do everything from painting to remodeling. There are lots of home improvements that are hard to get to without the right tools and that’s why GB Contractors Roofing Columbus offers general construction in order to meet your needs around the house or business.READ MORE

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    You should choose GB Contractors Roofing Columbus because we’ve been in the roofing and concrete business for over a decade and can offer you experts. We employ the best roofers and masonry workers in Central Ohio. You will appreciate our honesty and how quickly we can attend to your immediate needs. Our customers mean everything to us and we want to show you our gratitude by offering you quality work each and every time. Call us today and see for yourself! More people, in the community, are coming to AGB Contractors Roofing Columbus because they know the work will be done right. We help to keep our customers and the work environment safe, in order to prevent any injuries, by keeping the site clean and by employing only skilled individuals. When you need roofing work done or masonry, you can count on us. We keep whatever job environment we’re on safe and your home or business too. We get the job done right the first time so that you can enjoy it better without worries.READ MORE

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